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Ok, so it’s time to be BIG!!! What are you good at,, no wait, what are you great at? You know what it is! ….You know! ….. I know you know, and there are a whole number of people around you who know so….. don’t disappear.. don’t let yourself be small. Open Up…. stand up….. move around…… s t r e t c h…. keep stretching….. move/shake/jump/hop…. you’re doing it! How does that feel. Take it in… drink it in…. feel it… oh, and if you’re thinking of sitting down… don’t even consider it.  Oh wait…you haven’t gotten up yet/ .. stop reading… get up – move around – and while you’re moving – talk to yourself….imagine no one is listening.. or even better… imagine a whole bunch of people are listening… what do you need to share – what do you bring to the world that if you shared it would make a difference. I know you’re brilliant – I know you bring something to this planet that only you understand. Guess what – it’s worth sharing. Speak up. Explore your voice. Find your voice. Share your voice. Put your voice into the choir. We need it.

Sometimes we think (I know I do), that we aren’t worthy: we don’t know enough; we aren’t smart enough, resilient enough, energetic enough, but, but but…. Sorry – not allowed! We need you. I’m insisting that you BE big. Step in!

I am the shit disturber that demands you blow the lid off your life!! No just watching your life. No waiting. No looking at it as not yours – it is yours!  and WOW! what an amazing person you are.

So… today, tomorrow and the next day etc. etc. Find a strength – own it, relish it and share it.

Imagine the possibilities – together we can blow the lid off the world!!!

Ok, so now that you’ve read it all the way through – just in case you’re still sitting down, now you know what to do… go back to that place where I talk about standing up and moving around and talking out loud – and do it! Connect to a strength – play with the energy… I bet you’re smiling 🙂 I know I am!