Collaborate with a smart, trustworthy, and flexible partner

Be inspired and energized to take action

Work with a positive truth-teller

Meet Glennie

Established in 1996, I am the founder and Principal of Glennie Mercer & Associates. As an energetic and optimistic coach and facilitator, I serve clients as an inspiring and positive motivator; a solid and trusted support; an intelligent advisor, a skilled professional; and a flexible collaborator. If you are interested in showing up in a new way, making a difference, enhancing your skills, learning new strategies, and doing things differently, then call me and shake yourself, your team and/or your organization out of its comfort (or discomfort) zone. I am all about creating positive forward moving energy! It’s amazing what’s possible!

My Journey

My own path has always included balance and integration of personal and professional commitments, resulting in a life that has been varied, full, interesting, delightful, at times scary, and always a wonderful ride! I have worked locally and internationally, been an Intensive Care Nurse; a Front Line Supervisor; Manager of a busy Out-Patient Department and Director of Education at a Toronto Hospital; and an Independent OD Consultant and Coach running my business for over 20 years.

With a curiosity about new ideas and approaches to working with individuals and teams, I am committed to continuous learning. I hold the PCC (Professional Certified Coach) designation from the ICF (International Coach Federation) and the CPCC (Certified Professional Co-active Coach) designation through CTI (Coaches Training Institute) where I completed my coach training. I have done additional training in Neuroscience, Consciousness and Transformational Coaching;  Team Coaching, and Co-Active Leadership

Along with my coaching designations and learning, I hold a  Master’s in Education, a BA in Humanities, a Certificate in Human Resources Management, have done training in Alternative Dispute Resolution and began my career as an RN.

I am accredited to facilitate the Team Management Profile, certified to facilitate Personality Dimensions™ and also use the Communication Styles Technology tool with individuals and teams.


Interests and Values

Staying involved and engaged in my personal and professional community is an important part of my life.

Most recently, as we have all been impacted by Covid 19, I have volunteered and been trained and certified as a Crisis Responder with Crisis Text Line of Kids Help Phone. Volunteering overnights to support individuals in crisis has been, and continues to be, an honour and a privilege.

I am Past President of the Board with TODN (Toronto Organization Development Network) and continue to participate as a member. I am also a  Member of both ICF (International Coach Federation) & the ICF-Toronto Chapter.  I  have provided Dinner Support with the OOTC (Out of the Cold) program for over 10 years and have been a Volunteer Mentor with CPAC (formerly Chinese Professionals Association of Canada) since 2013.

The values and beliefs that sustain me include:

  • Balance: easy/hard – fast/slow – fun/serious – work/play
  • Learning: there’s just so much out there
  • Wild Garden: a deeply held commitment and respect for the beauty and wonder of the differences, strengths and beliefs that individuals hold
  • “No such word as can’t”: a lesson from my Mom
  • Dance: recognizing the flow, and shifts, and flexibility required as we journey through life
  • Optimism: possibilities abound
  • Kindness: be nice – it makes things better
  • Igniting: somebody has to do it 🙂

I collaborate with and involve other OD Professionals and Coaches on specific assignments, when required to meet individual or organizational needs.


Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.
-Albert Einstein