Be intentional as you set up a new team

Ensure all members are collaborating effectively

Respond to changing initiatives in new ways

Create the positive culture you desire

Team Facilitation & Coaching

I have been working with teams for many years, and I continue to be amazed, inspired and excited by the positive and productive energy created by a group of people when they find their common ground and align their energies to a shared purpose. Depending on its stage of development, appropriate activities are designed to enhance trust, encourage dialogue, support risk taking, engage humour, and enable team learning. Supporting teams to clarify their purpose and directions; commit to a way of being together; identify effective systems and processes; build their competencies; and create plans and actions for moving forward is what I do.  Coaching teams through difficult conversations and complex dialogues is a key strength.

Teams come in many shapes and sizes, each with their own unique culture, perspectives and needs. What I love to do is inspire teams to be awesome! I believe that clear communication, combined with humour, initiative and commitment, are critical to leaders and teams as they work together to support organizational goals. I focus on creating a trusting, relaxed and safe space where participants willingly share their ideas and perspectives, and truly listen to one another. “Nobody gets to be wrong” is a guiding principle when working with teams, and is about ensuring that nobody makes themselves wrong, or others wrong, as they collaborate to create plans and actions in the spirit of positive and productive outcomes.

Teams are a powerful force in organizations, and when working well, can “blow the roof off”. I love working with teams!

“Glennie has helped us over many years to lay a strong foundation of values and communication skills that has enabled us to operate as a high functioning team. Her sessions are fun, we learn a lot, and leave energized and equipped with practical approaches to strengthen our team even more.


“Glennie” is a word often heard in the office as we remind ourselves of what we have learned under her guidance”.


Mary Lou Gignac, Registrar & Executive Director, College of Dietitians of Ontario

Leadership Teams

  • Establishing directions, priorities and culture
  • Developing strategic and operational plans

New teams/Project Teams

  • Creating guiding frameworks
  • Building systems and processes for success
  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities

Teams in Transition

  • Identifying and establishing the systems and processes required to balance ambiguity and certainty
  • Creating plans with actions to ensure positive results

Teams in Difficulty

  • Identifying common ground
  • Enhancing competencies in:
  • Collaboration and communication
  • Problem solving
  • Managing conflict
  • Creating commitment to action