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So this is part 2 (part 1 was about being BIG). This is about being mindful that in order to be big, sometimes we need to be small.

Actually, big and small aren’t perhaps the right words. It’s about knowing when to step in.. and knowing when to step out;  when to take the lead… when to follow; when to take up the space with your particular type of energy, and when someone else’s energy is more needed. It’s about sharing the space that we inhabit.

Each person brings their own unique perspective and gift to the party!   What is yours? How do you show up? How do you inhabit and impact the space you are in? What do you do to give space to other people’s energy, to their views and strengths?

Life is a dance. Sometimes we twirl and leap and move on our own, and sometimes we dance in partnership. Sometimes the stage is full and we are part of the chorus. Regardless, each version, each style, each movement is magical, always contributing to the intricacy of the overall design. 

Today I witnessed a dance. People in dialogue: exploring, listening, leading, following, contributing, changing, growing, co-creating. It was inspiring!

We dance everyday – pay attention to the dances in your lives. Have fun!