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I found a great little desk pad in a funky little store this summer. It’s entitled “To Be List”. I love it!

So it’s Sept. 6th and it’s off to school. I have written before about my love of this time of year, and once again I find myself inspired and thinking about my “To Be” list.

I was up early – took the dog for a walk, ate a healthy breakfast, checked emails, and wrote a letter to my City Councillor regarding a disturbing decision that could be made today at our City Council Exec. regarding our beautiful Toronto Waterfront. As I now sit down to write this post, I am feeling re-energized, and ready to move forward in a slightly different way.

I actually completed some schooling of my own a few weeks ago. Having begun last summer (2010) on Coach Training, I have finished the course work, the individual and group supervisions, my written exam, and as a Professional Coach, look forward to the final phase of Certification upon completion of my oral exam in October. While I  have been coaching with clients for many years, this education process has enhanced my capacity and built my competencies as a Co-Active Coach, and I am loving it! Working with clients to discover thier best, unleash their potential, and have them really step in to their fulfilled, present and balanced lives is wonderful!

And so, as I begin this new fall season, I am going to Bold, Intentional, and Energetic.

What’s on your “To Be” list this fall?

Talk to you soon.