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Ah… September brings, once again, gangs of youth, looking freshly scrubbed, decked out in new duds, excited and ready, for the adventure ahead. Took a walk today and my local park was teaming with kids! Ran in to a few I knew, and couldn’t help but be infected with the positive energy. I love the fall! I love back to school!…. And for me… it reminds me that although I’m not going back to the high school classroom, there’s still lots I want to learn.

So..for those of us past the “First day of school” habit, perhaps we need to be reminded of the principles at play.

  • What friends haven’t you connected with this summer. Now that Fall’s here, give them a call. They’re likely back in town, had some holidays, and are ready to be in touch.
  • What do you want to learn? What new subject would you like to study? What book would you like to read? Get started!
  • What do you want to try at work that you’ve been thinking about and haven’t done yet. Do one thing this week related to that project.
  • Of course, lets not forget “back to school shopping”. Treat yourself – doesn’t need to be big – just a little something that feels new, to mark this new beginning time of year
  • What is important to you? What’s your dream? Give yourself permission to consider what’s possible. Do one thing this week that really excites you.
  • Teach. Everyone has something to learn, and everyone has something to teach. Share what you’re good at.

Have a great “first day back”!