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Just listened to an interview with Chris Hatfield, an amazing Canadian who has just been named to be the leader of the International Space Station beginning in March of 2013. What an inspiring, accomplished and delightful man! The interview was on CBC radio, and I expect there will be a podcast, which if you can, I would encourage you to access.

The quote that I used to title this post was one he used during the conversation, and one that resonates for me, as I move through my own daily thoughts and actions, and as I engage with others as they do the same. He has many lessons for individuals and leaders alike, as he approaches his days with wonder, optimism and curiosity.

His work with people from around the world, and his perspective as he looks out of the windows from space, reminds him, and through him all of us, how really appreciating, respecting and understanding different perspectives opens us up to so much more. Building from strengths, learning everyday, focusing on what’s possible and what’s yet undiscovered, and doing all of this with intention and discipline – it’s a beautiful thing!

He also had an interesting perspective on luck. It’s really about creating the life we want. Taking ownership, being the best we can be, sharing with others, taking advantage of the gifts that surround us, getting involved! Hard work is required too, so find something you love, find your own passion, as working hard at that feels like hardly working!

Have a wonderful day – remember – unwrap the gift and enjoy!