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Graduated (again) from another program. This time it was my Coaching designation. I do love this process of learning, and yes, I do love the letters. For me, they mean something. They mean I set a goal, worked to achieve it, and hit the finish line!

It’s funny, because I don’t really consider myself a goal setter, and yet, perhaps I am, at least when it comes to school. I don’t necessarily plan and set goals in other parts of my life, but I do, and have for many years, set educational goals for myself. I love to learn, and as my wise Coach pointed out to me (thank you Laura), as an ENFP, structure is not something I strive for. 🙂 and so…. when I want to learn, I need to put that external structure in place – which means that “I need to go to school” – it keeps me grounded, focused and moving forward.

Learning rocks! And this latest journey has been great! I wonder what’s next?