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What have you accomplished, in the past year, that you are really proud of? It can be personal or professional? Take a moment – think about it – then write down your answer.

This is a question I often ask participants in my workshops to consider? It’s one I also ask myself, because, in my experience, with adults, if we aren’t accomplishing something, if we don’t have something that makes us feel like we can “check off the box”, if we don’t find something that engages and satisfies us, we get bored…. and if we’re bored, we get grumpy! 🙂

So… what have you done lately that you’re proud of? It doesn’t have to be “big” or maybe it is. Maybe you cleaned a drawer in your office desk and you can now find things…. maybe you walked a half marathon….. maybe you took the time to reconnect with a friend or colleague that you’ve been meaning to touch base with for the past several months….maybe you registered for school…. maybe you finished a course….. maybe you updated your resume….perhaps you met a key milestone in a project…. started a new job…. finally read the novel you’ve had your eye on for the past year? It could be anything – the key here is doing something that makes you feel proud – of yourself!

Once you’ve done it, and noted it, think about what did it take to make it happen?  Pay attention to to all the things you did that made your accomplishment possible. Consider your skills, knowledge, attributes, experiences, behaviours, attitudes, all of it – it’s all you – you’ve got it! You make things happen!

So how are you feeling now? What are you noticing? And how about this… look around and consider how could you share what you know, what you’ve learned, what you’re good at with others? 

For me, writing this blog is a new process. I’m doing it occasionally, and trying to do it more often and more intentionally. It’s still making me nervous, and every time I hit the “Post” button, I feel like I’ve accomplished a little something. It’s a start!.

We need to be moving forward, we need to be growing, learning, trying, faltering, achieving, etc. So… what have you done lately that you’re really proud of!?

’till next time