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Often, when we want things to change: to be better, to be more fun, to be more inspiring, more active, more meaningful, busier, quieter, whatever it is we want to be different, ….. we wait. Waiting for something “outside” of us to change. Well… that’s not  how it works! We need to change: to be different, to break a bad habit, to risk a new one, to put our toes in the water, or to leap right in! Then, and only then do things start to shift. And the shift is exciting. We may not know exactly what’s next,  how we will react, how others will react, what the path will actually look like, but we feel in control nonetheless and that’s an awesome feeling!

Over a year ago, I decided that I needed to grow, and that I wanted my business to be more – for me and for my clients. I loved what I was doing: I love Facilitating, and I still do, and I wanted more, and so I decided to add Coaching to my practice.

Next week I complete the final step in my Coaching Certification process, and once done, I will be a Certified Co-Active Coach. I’m very excited! It’s been over a year of education and learning, working with wonderful teachers, coaches and clients, and now I look forward to creating what’s next.

I love Coaching! Working with individuals to support them as they grow and develop, watching them take risks, try new things, push themselves to be amazing – it’s a privilege to be a part of. The gifts we all possess are inspiring, and encouraging and witnessing individuals as they truly step in to their gifts and talents is wonderful.

And so some change will occur. Some things will remain the same. Some things are unknown. All of this is mine to manage, just as in your lives, it is yours to manage. And if you want it to be different, do something differently – starting today!

‘Till next time