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Recently, a friend of mine was involved in something difficult. She asked for help, and so in true Coaching mode, I went looking for questions. 🙂 I love questions – I always have, and I find I love them even more now as I witness how powerful questions unleash  insights, learning, creativity and confidence!

So the question is “What if it was easy”? Imagine, you’re about to start something that you’re dreading, or you’re in the middle of something and it’s feeling really hard… what if you asked the question – What if this was easy? What happens to you when you do that?

  • Notice how you “feel” – notice the difference
  • Notice what possibilities emerge
  • Notice what new ideas emerge 
  • Notice how your focus changes
  • Notice how your energy shifts
  • Notice how your behaviour changes
Once again, changing our paradigm, changing our perspective, changing the question, can be extremely powerful.
Have a great week!