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Monday I was stuck and today I’m not? So what happened?

In my practice as a Coach, my clients are often experiencing “stuck” – let’s face it, we all do, and so what’s the strategy for moving past it?

Well here’s one way of managing it, (there are others, but this is today’s strategy)
Try these two steps:
1) Don’t! That’s right – don’t move past it – just be in it. Really let yourself go. Be stuck. Notice what it’s really like. Notice everything about it for you. What does it feel like; look like; what’s your energy like; where’s your attention; what questions are popping up for you; what are you doing; who are you connecting with; how are you spending your time; what are you wanting; what are you hoping; what are ignoring; what are you avoiding; what are you thinking? Just notice.

We spend much of our lives moving quickly from one moment to the next, one experience to the next, without actually taking the time to be where we are. Think about it. When we’re sad, we want to not be sad and people tell us not to be sad that “everything will be ok”. When something wonderful happens we often dismiss it as nothing or lucky or we move quickly “back to reality”. Except that the reality is actually what we’re missing. So be where you are. Notice where you are…. right now, and let yourself experience it. If you’re stuck – ok, you’re stuck – pay attention to it.

2) When you’ve really experienced it (number 1 above), and it’s time to move on, you’ll know – you’ll actually feel a shift: you may notice you’re tired of it; tired of yourself; ready to make a change; ready for something different; aware of new ideas; seeing things from a different perspective; anxious to move on; restless; impatient; bored (with yourself :)); curious about what’s possible; curious about what’s next, and you’ll feel the differencethe “shift”, so now….Take action – do ONE thing – that’s all – just one thing… it gets the momentum started. And you may be surprised – you’ll actually come up with a list of a bunch of things to do and you’ll want to get going 🙂

Give it a try – go ahead – be stuck – we all are at various times, and then get yourself unstuck – you can do it because you want to!