In Flexibility and Curiosity, Leadership

VUCA – have you heard of it? It’s an acronym (because we don’t have enough of those!) and it’s been around for awhile. It’s being used to describe the current and future state of how things are going, in our world, in organizations, generally all around us.

Interesting words: Volatile – Uncertain – Complex – Ambiguous

Wow! – for many individuals, and for many organizations with embedded (and perhaps a bit rigid) systems, structures and processes, these  words may seem a bit frightening, or daunting. The good news, (and as suggested in the attached article), they don’t necessarily all occur at the same time and there are different approaches for managing each.

So, in the interest of possibilities, I’d like you to consider the questions below and think about how these words might actually open you, your organizations, your community, the world . ….. up to new and wonderful perspectives, strategies, ideas, and positive actions:

  • How do these words make you feel? (Notice the positive and the scary)
  • What begins to open up for you when you read and consider these words?
  • How may you need to “be”?
  • What might you want to “do” to feel in control?
  • What sparks and ideas do you begin to become aware of?
  • What might now be possible?
  • What could you try?

Have fun!