In Flexibility and Curiosity, Risk

Just when I think I’m getting pretty good at understanding technology – I realize I’ve got sooooo much to learn. The good news is, I can learn, I’m able to figure things out, and when needed, I can ask for help. So what’s the connection to “awareness”?

Last night I participated in an event led by Dorothy Siminovitch as she shared with us, very interesting information about the importance of awareness. I was reminded of the value of awareness, as a rich well of possibility, and how when it comes to learning and growth, deep awareness of our strengths, gaps, vulnerabilities and perspectives guide us to seek the knowledge and supports we may need to enhance our development. Without it, we may not see what we are or what we need, and so learning may not occur. When trying or learning, we need to be willing to take a risk: to see those gaps; to recognize our limitations; to expose our vulnerabilities, and to acknowledge our strengths.

So today, as I tried to figure something out on this new website of mine, trying to get some features working for me, after trying the same thing on my own and getting nowhere, I realized (i.e. became aware), that I needed to reach out. Thanks to Chrissy for help, and now, with a bit more practice, perhaps this particular lesson will stick :).

So stay “aware” – stay “conscious”. Take a break from “autopilot” – because if we do, we learn so much…. whether from the successes or the mistakes. The limitations occur when we remain unaware and risk averse because it’s then we miss the learning opportunities.

When it comes to learning and trying something a bit risky, what are you aware of?