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It is Friday afternoon, and as sit in my office, it is difficult to concentrate, as I continue to consider the catastrophic events that are occurring in Haiti. Our connected world has created access to information, but what I am aware of this day, is how this access to info has in fact created a connection and level of accountability which is fundamentally changing our paradigm. The term “global village” means something! This may not be an “aha” for you, and it isn’t completely for me, and yet I am struck by the profound responsibility we have to not only our own local communities and villages, but to the those farther away. I have known this intellectually for some time, yet this event, reminds us again, to take the knowledge from our heads, combine it with the love and compassion in our hearts, and fuel the action in our hands that can make a difference.

Responding with money is what is most needed at the moment and so it is what I have done. It however leaves me feeling helpless. So… I ask myself what else can I do? What difference can I make? How can I ease suffering? What can I do at home, in my community that will filter out? I don’t have the answers, and expect I will continue to ponder the questions. My action is to ask others to do the same: To consider what you can do; to consider how you might influence this situation in any way – however small, because as we gather up the small kindnesses, we create waves of compassion.

I believe in prayer, and so will send many prayers to Haiti. I believe in the resilience of people, and so while I feel profoundly saddened, I will not be discouraged, for humanity is strong. I believe that when we work together towards a common goal, our capacity to influence positive change is undeniable.

Be kind to each other. Share your gifts. Learn something new. Make a positive difference in someones life. Take a small step. Move forward. Take care.