In Flexibility and Curiosity

What do I want to write about today? Two words that come to mind are FLEXIBILITY and CURIOSITY.

Let’s start with FLEXIBILITY:
I understand and agree that planning is extremely important. Being clear about goals and setting plans to achieve them offers us realistic time lines, manageable steps, tangible outcomes, and opportunities for success. Planning is about the future.

Flexibility, is about the present. When flexibility is combined with good planning, it ensures an awareness of the present and a focus on the here and now which we need to take the time to appreciate, incorporate and enjoy. Sometimes when we experience stress, it’s because we are focused on what we have yet to do, when perhaps we need to take the time to realize what we have accomplished and where we are now. Flexibility is the “living in the moment” part of our lives that we need to integrate in to the planning or “being prepared for tomorrow” part of us. Flexibility offers us the opportunity to be creative, surprised, and delighted, while responding to what we discover when we become curious.

And so…. to CURIOSITY:
Be curious about yourself: What surprised you today? What did you notice that you didn’t expect? What are you paying attention to? How are you feeling? What’s that about?

Be curious about others: When others react to the world and to you, stay curious. Ask yourself: I wonder what they are experiencing right now? I wonder what is making them react this way? I wonder what they expect of me? I wonder what I could do that would be helpful? I wonder what that means to them? I wonder what they’re hoping for?

Curiosity is about understanding that each and every one of us make different decisions, react in different ways, and make different choices to the various things that we experience in a day, an hour, a moment….. Instead of reacting to someones reaction, stay curious…hmmmm I wonder what’s going on for them?

Pay attention to where you are and how you are experiencing the world. Stay present. Be flexible. Stay curious.

Happy New Year.