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I recently read Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In – and I’d recommend it. One of the interesting ideas that I particularly liked, was her re-framing of career “ladders” to “jungle gyms”. The notion that sometimes we want to move up, or down, or across, or out, and that’s it’s a more complex journey and actually offers more alternatives than a traditional upward trajectory. It also makes room for all of us to acknowledge that “moving up” in the traditional sense may not be of interest, or may not be a possibility. Imagine if you started to think of your professional life and path as a journey on that jungle gym. What different moves might you make? How might you behave differently

So…. now for your reflective activity – For those of you who have worked with me, you know I believe very strongly in our ability to choose. As individuals, we are accountable and responsible for our lives, and the choices we make are a huge part of how we continue to move forward. So….. if you need a professional boost – whether you’re just starting out and wondering where to go next, or have been working for upwards of 10-15 years, and still have many to go, it may be time to rethink that traditional ladder and hop onto the jungle gym. Possibility: Choice: Action!

  • What work do you love and how do you want to showcase that? 
  • How do you need to make yourself visible and in what places?
  • Who do you need to talk to? Who would you like to meet? What do you want to know/learn  from them? 
  • What risks are you prepared to take?
  • What different choices might you need to make?
  • What traditional or limiting beliefs might you need to let go of?
Time for a refresh? Reflect on at least one of these questions and take at least ONE ACTION

And have fun!