In Change and Transition, Managing Self

I’m not always a fan of resolutions and goals, and yet I know that without plans of some sort, life can feel like a bit of a “drift”. What I am becoming more and more aware of is that while goals and intentions are actually necessary, they don’t go so well if we aren’t really committed! And so here I am writing because my goal was to do so at least once a week, and more importantly, I committed to the process because I knew it would be a challenge, I believed it would be worth it, and I also decided that I had information, knowledge and perspectives that I wanted to share. What I’m also noticing is that as I get closer to the end of the week, if I haven’t posted, I feel compelled to do so. My inner champion is reminding me that it’s worth it, that I made the commitment to myself, and that I need to honour it.

So here’s what makes commitments work for me:

  • Set a goal or an intention – and the more specific the better
  • Identify what is important about the goal/intention for you? For others? We tend to commit when it matters – you need to really “feel it” 
  • If the word “should” is in the commitment, then it’s not solid
  • If the word “will” is part of the commitment, you’re on the right path
  • Sometimes commitments require bravery -(i.e. you may not read, like or agree with my posts) – we need to risk – to proceed through fear, vulnerability, and discomfort
  • While some tasks are more difficult than others, we have the ability and the capacity to meet and overcome challenge – I know this – we human beings are quite amazing!
  • Look for what you enjoy – and even in those tasks that you don’t enjoy, imagine how it will feel when you’re done 🙂
  • Practice – “practice makes perfect” – a saying we all know, and while perfection may not be what you need or want, practice does make us better. You need to be prepared to try, get a bit better, try, fail, try, improve, try, do it with more ease, try, make a mistake, try, learn, try, learn more etc. etc. … you get it!
  • Find and pay attention to your “inner champion” and mute your “saboteur”. 
Have a great weekend – and perhaps enjoy watching those Olympians who clearly get the whole notion of commitment!