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Value: Communication

Behaviour:  “You treat people with respect, independent of their status or disagreement with you”. 
This is just one of the many behaviours and skills that are included in the Values at Net Flix and it’s one that caught my attention. (And if you do click on the link to the slide deck, don’t be undone by the fact that’s its 126 pages – it’s a quick read – and look out for the quote on slide #79!)
Working in hierarchical organizations, I am often confronted with stories of those who have experienced less than positive communications when dealing with others. People pull rank, and/or people are dismissive of ideas and suggestions when they do not align with their own perspectives. This particular description from NetFlix in their values culture deck, is a wonderful articulation of what positive and productive communication must entail.
Ask yourself – how well and how often do you demonstrate this particular behaviour?