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As I write the title to this blog post I wonder how many will read it and think to themselves – “gee… it must be nice?! I wish I could take a break”. And you know what…. you can!

Sometimes we need a just a moment, sometimes 10 minutes or an  hour, and sometimes a week or maybe longer. Time to take a breath;  to remind ourselves of what we want, what we’re striving for; sometimes to remind ourselves of  what we need and what we want to do next. We need to rejuvenate, reconnect and reconfirm what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. We need to reconnect with who we are and who we want to be. So taking a break doesn’t mean not “doing” or “being”… it means Consciously Choosing what it is we’re “doing” and how we are “being” as we do it! It’s really about taking a break from “auto pilot”

I believe that many of us (me included) spend certain times of our lives on “auto pilot. We go about our daily tasks with limited thought or reflection. We make things happen – we influence – we succeed – we interact, and that’s all good, and yet…. the joy or excitement may be muted or the energy seems diminished.

So…. Today – this week, my request to you is that you hold yourself aware as you go about your daily routines. Notice when you’re enjoying yourself; notice where and how you’re having an impact; notice what seems easy and what seems hard; pay attention to the big picture and pay attention to the details. And as you’re noticing, be more conscious about the various choices you have in any given moment/situation. How/what are you choosing to think? How are you reacting? What do you need to say/ask for? Where do you need/want help or support or company? Where do you need to hold yourself quiet? What do you want to change, if only for a moment? Where do you need to hold yourself accountable? What do you really want?

So go ahead…. take that break – take that break from autopilot